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Stabilizer operation

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Today 16/11/2019

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Description of the problem E:62:10 Legal references (France)
Generalization of the problem E:62:10 Legal references (Belgium)
User reviews : How many people have the same problem E:62:10 ? Legal references (Netherlands)
Is E:62:10 a recurring problem ? Legal references (Spain)
Which models have the E:62:10 problem ? What to do ?
(Temporary) solution of the problem E:62:10 Consumer associations
Root Cause Analysis of the problem E:62:10 Planned obsolescence
Use of the technical support of SONY Trade authorities
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Description of the problem E:62:10

Many users encounter the following problem with their SONY camera, and the symptoms are always the same:

- The device runs smoothly for 2.5 or 3 years of use (knowing that the legal warranty period is two years - although the manufacturer's warranty generally mentioned by SONY's services is according to them, only of one or two years according to the data of purchase and the country)


- Suddenly, even if the device has been cured and stored without being used, a flashing error message " E:62:10 " appears immediately after the device is turned on, and continues to flash continuously on the display screen during the entire period of use. The meaning of the error message can be found here : it is a generic error with the stabilization system.

Then the stabilizer of the device no longer works properly.

The high zoom pictures are blurry and even in the viewfinder there is a shake.


Here is a photo taken in focal length 1200mm when the phenomenon occurs

(click here or on the picture to view in full resolution)


Here is a video taken in focal length 1200mm when the phenomenon occurs

(click here to view the video in full resolution)

Removing the battery does not solve the problem.

Likewise, re-initializing the device via the " reset" menu provides no solution.

Installing the latest available firmware via the SONY support site (here in french, here in English) provides no solution.

Generalization of the problem E:62:10

A simple search for the error message on the Internet (google E:62:10 or Google Video or Bing Video or YouTube) shows quickly that this is a recurring problem that (very) many users are faced with, and that with several models of SONY cameras.

The forums are filled with similar messages in all languages, with endless lists of answers from desperate users who all share the same problem.

Here is a table with some examples:

Forum Language Model Page
0jpRUHX20VSony DSC - HX20V Digital Camera Fehler E:62:10
1688CN Camera Sony E:62:10
91xiuCN Sony E:62:10
AdoramaENHX300Camera gives error code E:62:10
AllegroPLHX400VSony DSC-HX400V - E:62:10
AllegroPLHX400VSony DSC-HX400V - E:62:10
AmazonDEHX400VLeider nach 26 Monaten gab sie den Geist auf
AmazonDEHX400VSuper, super-Zoom... aber trotzdem Finger weg - Kaufwarnung
AmazonDEHX400VEigentlich nie wieder Sony HX400V
AmazonDEHX400VTolle Bilder aber Trotzdem Finger weg, Minus 5 Sterne
AmazonDEHX400VAuf Dauer ein Fehlkauf
AmazonDEHX400VNach 2 Jahren Schrott
AmazonDEHX400VTolles Teil, aber keine Sony mehr!
AmazonDEHX400Vund wieder nach vier Jahren funktionsuntüchtig
AmazonDEHX400VSuper Fotos, aber nach 4 Jahren defekt, schlechter Akku
AmazonDEHX400VSO NIE wieder
AmazonDEHX400VLeider schon defekt - keine Kulanz seitens Sony
AmazonDEHX400VFehler E:62:10
AmazonDEHX400VAuch bei mir der verbreitete Fehler E:62:10 nach knapp vier Jahren
AmazonDEHX400VE 62 10
AmazonDEHX400Vschöne Kamera, leider nach 3 Jahren schon defekt
AmazonDEHX400VFehler E:62:10 bei fast allen Kameras !!!
AmazonENHX300, HX400VHope you have better luck then I did
AmazonENHX300over a dozen HX300 cameras and over half developed this error
AmazonENHX300It's a rip off
AmazonENHX300Be sure to buy the extended warranty! Error code E:62:10.
AmazonENHX300Never buy a Sony no matter how great it works at first
AmazonENHX300Please read before you purchase
AmazonENHX300Please read before you buy
AmazonENHX300Problem with the flex connector
AmazonENHX300Constant mechanical failure
AmazonENHX300Sony HX300 - E 62:10 Error Again !!! (And Again a 3rd time)
AmazonENHX400VQuestionable Long Term Reliability
AmazonENHX400VError Message After Only 16 Months - Beware!
AmazonENHX400VDoes not hold up with normal use
AmazonENHX400VTerrible Longevity
AmazonENHX400VDo NOT buy!
AmazonENHX400VThis camera is a piece of crap. I have had it for a year and ...
AmazonENHX400VError display
AmazonENHX400VUsers beware
AmazonESHX300E:62:10 La estafa de Sony
AmazonESHX400VMuy buena compra hasta hoy
AmazonFRHDR-CX900EBCamescope Sony HDR-CX 900E
AmazonFRHX300ERREUR E:62:10
AmazonFRHX300appareil pas fiable, 2 ans et déjà en panne avec code d'erreur E:62:10
AmazonFRHX400VAttention au stabilisateur
AmazonFRHX400VProblème technique
AmazonFRHX400VDefaut 6210
AmazonFRHX400VMessage clignotant dès l'allumage de l'appareil : E:62:10
AmazonFRHX400VPanne très coûteuse après 22 mois d'utilisation
AmazonENZV1Good with few pinching shortcomings
AmazonITHX400VBuona macchina finchè .....
AmazonITHX400VDa qualche giorno compare l'errore E:62:10
AmazonITHX400VFotocamera con stabilizzatore difettoso (errore E:62:10)
AmazonITHX400VAttenzione E 62:10 difettose di fabbrica!
AnjukeCNT10T10 E:62:10
Anibis.chDEHX400VDigitalkamera Sony Cyber-Shot DSC HX400V
Anibis.chENRX100 IIcode erreur E :62 :10
Ask.ZolCH E:62:10
Avito.ruRUHX300Sony dsc-hx300
Avito.ruRUHX300Sony hx300
Avito.ruRUNX5Sony nx5 E:62:10
AssitenciaSPHX300Minha sony hx300
AukroCZHX400VDSC-HX400V (vykazuje chybu E:62:10)
BaikeCN What does Sony camera E:62:10 fault code mean
bbs.kakakuJPFDR-AX100FDR-AX100 (in english)
Bedienunganleitu.ngDEHX400Fehlermeldung: E:62:10
Best-BuyENHX400Lens failure after 3 years of easy use
BesteProduct.nlNL Reviews
BHPhotoVideoENHX400VSony needs to fix E62:10 problem
BHPhotoVideoENHXR-NX100Sony HXR-NX100
Bol.comENHX300Toptoestel turns out big bad buy
Bol.comENHX300Error code in image stabilization
Bol.comENHX400VAlready after 3 years is broken
Bol.comENHX400Vthink carefully
BolhaPLHX300E:62:10 (Error initializing the lens, the image stabilizer block)
BolsterturfNL Lensfout E:62:10
BoxuuCHHX400HX-400 E:62:10
Brigitte Canovas FRHX300Même problème sur mon bridge HX300
BuyeeJPHX400VCyber-Shot DSC-HX400V
CameraHackerENFDR-AX100E:62:10 on FDR-AX100
CameraHackerENHDR HC7E:62:10 on HDR-HC7
CameraHackerENHDR SR7E:62:10 Error Code on HDR-SR7
CameraHackerENHX300E:62:10 on Sony Cybershot DSC-HX300
CameraHackerENHX400VE:62:10 on DSC-HX400V
CameraHackerENT10DSC-T10 Vibrates and Shows E:62:10 Error
CameraHackerENT10DSC-T10 with E:62:10 Message
CameraHackerENT30DSC-T30 with E:62:10 Message
CameraHackerENT300Sony DSC-T300 E:62:20
CameraHackerENT9E:62:10 on DSC-T9
CameraHackerENTX5Fixing E:62:10 Error on Sony DSC-TX5 Camera
CameraLandNLHX400Vin de zoeker van mijn 3 jaar oude camera de mededeling E:62:10
Cameras & OpticsENH5Error E:62:10
Cameras & OpticsENT10How do you repair E:62:10
Cameras & OpticsENT50Shaking, whirring noise, E:62:10
CarousellENW830Sony Cybershot DSC-W830
CdiscountFRHX350A évité d'acheter
CCMFR Pb E:62:10 avec cybershot
CCMFRHX400VMessage "E:62:10"
CCMFRHX400VAppareil photos sony dsc hx400v
CCMFRHXR-NX100E:62:10 avec la Sony HXR-NX100
CCMFRT10Pb E 62 10 avec cyber shot
CCMFRT50Probleme avec mon dsc-t50
CeneoPLHX400VE:62:10 error (In English)
Chasseur d'imagesFRHX400VA peine 1 an d'achat et déjà en panne
ChwilezachwyconePLHX20Vkomunikatem: "E:62:10"
Comment réparerFRHX300STABILISATEUR D'IMAGE HX300,erreur 6210
Comment réparerFRHX400VE62.10 sur appareil photo sony DSC-HX400V
Communauté SONY beFRHX300, HX400VErreur E 62 10, défaillance du stabilisateur sur appareil photo dsc hx 300
Communauté SONY beFRHX300sony dsc hx300
Communauté SONY beFRHX300Sony DSC hx300
Communauté SONY beFRHX300pech met stabilisatiesysteem
Communauté SONY beFRHX400V (2x)Erreur E 62 10, défaillance du stabilisateur sur appareil photo dsc hx 300
Communauté SONY beFRHX400VDSC-HX400V
Communauté SONY beFRHX400VHX400V un de plus avec l'erreur E62:10
Communauté SONY beFRHX400Vproblenestabilisateur sur SONY DSC-H400
Communauté SONY beFRHXV (?)Erreur E 62 10, défaillance du stabilisateur sur appareil photo dsc hx 300
Communauté SONY beNLHX300storing in mijn camera DSC-HX300
Communauté SONY beNLHX300Storing Sony camera
Communauté SONY beFRRX10E62.10, la maladie qui atteint aussi le RX10 IV
Communauté SONY frFRHX20V[DSC-HX20V] bruit de moteur à mise sous tension
Communauté SONY frFRHX300Sony dsc hx300
Communauté SONY frFRHX300Sony dsc hx300
Communauté SONY frFRHX300Code erreur E6210 sur DSC HX 300
Communauté SONY fr FRHX400VÉcran devient blan rouge plus code défaut E:62:10
Communauté SONY fr FRHX400VStabilisateur à panne récurrente E62:10
Communauté SONY fr FRHX400Verreur 62:10
Communauté SONY fr FRHX400VHX 400V en DEFAUT E 62 10
Community SONY atSPHX300error E:62: 10 en sony HX300
Community SONY de DEHX400VDSC HX400V Bildstabilisator
Community SONY deDEHX400VMeine Sony DSC-HX400V
Community SONY deDEHX400VSony Support
Community SONY deDEHX400VWas bedeutet das ?
Community SONY deDEHX7VUeberbelichtete Bilder
Community SONY en ENHX300What does E:62:10 mean
Community SONY en ENHX400VLens failure after 3 years of easy use. E:62:10
Community SONY enENHX20Verrors
Community SONY enENHX300DSC-HX300 E:62:10 Initialized and Powered down but no correction
Community SONY enENHX300DSC-HX300
Community SONY enENHX400VHX 400V, Problem E:62:10
Community SONY enENWX350Reset Sony DSC-wx350 with E:62:10 error
Community SONY enENWX350Sony CyberShot DSC-WX350
Community SONY enENWX7Showing error(E:62:10)
Community SONY esSPFDR- AX100ECamara FDR- AX100E funciona perfecta pero me parpadea en el visor fijo E:62:10
Community SONY esSPHX300my sony dsc hx 300 is showing E:62:10
Community SONY es SPHX350Bien...hasta que el estabilizador deja de funciona
Community SONY esSPHX400VFallo systemàtico
Community SONY esSPHX400VFatidioso E:62:10
Community SONY esSPHX400VFallo en mi camara DSC-HX400V E62:10
Community SONY esSPW30Mi camara Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W730
Community SONY esSPW300Error 62.10 en mi Cybershot W300
Community SONY huSP fallo E:62:10
Community SONY huSPHX300error E:62: 10 en sony HX300
Community SONY huSPHX400VERROR E:62:10 EN DSC-HX400V
Community SONY huSPT30Camara DSC - T30
Community SONY huSPW730Mi camara Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W730
Community SONY huSPWX50Error E:62:10
Community SONY itITCX-625Errore E62:12
Community SONY itRUFDR-AX100E:62:10
Community SONY itITH50come posso remediare
Community SONY itITHDR-CX360VESony Hdr-Cx360VE errore E:62:10
Community SONY itITHDR-CX900Sony HDR-CX900
Community SONY itITHX300Bridge Sony DSC HX300 autodiagnosi codice errore E: 62:10
Community SONY itITHX300E: 62:10. sono arrabbiato
Community SONY itITHX300Il consumismo e Sony
Community SONY itITHX400VE:62:10 problema con gruppo ottico DSCHX400V
Community SONY itITHX400VDelusione
Community SONY itITHX400VDSCHX400V problemi
Community SONY itITHX400VERROR E:62:10 EN DSC-HX400V
Community SONY itITHX400VLa mia terza DSXHX400 è morta
Community SONY itITHX400VDSC-HX400V problemi al gruppo ottico E 62:10
Community SONY it ITRX100M3Impossibile visualizzare RX 100 M3
Community SONY ltENFDR-AX33Erreur E:62:10 FDR-AX33
Community SONY ltENHX20Verrors
Community SONY ltENRX100error 62:1o
Community SONY ltENT30dsc-t30 diagnosis code E:62:10
Community SONY ltENWX10E:62:20
Community SONY ltFRHDR - CX900Emessage error E6210 sur HDR - CX900E
Community SONY lu ENHX400VDSC-HX400V lens failure
Community SONY luENRX100m2error 62:1o
Community SONY luENT30dsc-t30 diagnosis code E:62:10
Community SONY nl NLHX400Foutmelding 62;10
Community SONY nlNLHX400VError E:62:10 en DXC-HX400V
Community SONY nlNLHX400VAl mijn 3e Sony camera
Community SONY pl PL Symbol E 62.10
Community SONY plPLHX300, HX400blad e 62:10
Community SONY pl PLHX300, HX400VBlad - E:60:10
Community SONY pl PLRX10Problem z RX10 Mk I
Community SONY plPLT50DSC T-50
Community SONY plPLT30Mam Cyber-shot T30 i mam problem
Community SONY ptPTHX400Vsony dsc HX 400V (English)
Community SONY ptPTT10problemas com cyber shot DSC-T10
Community SONY ruRUFDR-AX100ESony FDR-AX100E
Community SONY ruRUHDR-AX2000Kamera HDR-CX2000
Community SONY ruRUHDR-AX2000Sony HDR-Ax2000
Community SONY ruRUHX400Lens for DSC-HX400 (English)
Community SONY ruRUHX400Lens for dsc-hx400 (English)
Community SONY ruRUTX10Error E.62.10 DSC-TX10 (English)
CreativeCowENNX5Sony NX5 - E:62:10 problem
CyfrowePLHX400VCommon mistake
DCFeverCHHX300Fever46709394 (English)
DCFeverCHT10Sony DSC-T10
De RooijNLHX400Vfoutmelding aan E:62:10
DH ForumTUT9SONY DSC-T9 ---- hata: E:62:10
DigikamPLHX400Vnach ca. 3 jahren fehlermeldung e:62:10
DigitalnePLHX400VE 62 10
DigitalfototreffDEHX400VSuperzoom Kamera Sony HX 400V kaputt - Erro E 62 10
DisqusPLHX300Sony Cyber-shot HX300
DKameraDEHX400VIch hatte diese Kamera DSC-HX400V...
DP Review ENT30E:62:10 error
DP ReviewENHX300Sony HX300 or Sony H X400?
DP ReviewENHX400HX400 Error Code E62:10
DP ReviewENHX400HX400 - Parts Unavailable - Last of the HX's?
DP ReviewENHX400VError message E:62:10 in 15 month old HX400v
DP ReviewENHX400VError Message E:62:10----A Solution?
DP ReviewENHX400VStabilization error E:62:10
DP ReviewENRX100, HX300, WX200, HX400E:62:10 Error code on RX100
DP ReviewENRX100Sony Store Exchange Policy? Error on my rx100m3
DP ReviewENRX100Sony RX100M3 - back from repair and same error!!
DSLR ForumDEHX400VSony HX400V Fehlercode E:62:10
DTForumSPH2Error E:62:10
DVInfoENPXW-X70Error code E:62:10
DVinfoNetENHXR-NX5*error message E:62:10
DVinfoNetENPXW-X70E:62:10 lens error
DVinfoNetENPXW-X70Sony PXW-X70 E:62:10 Error Message
DVinfoNetENPXW-X70Sony PXW-X70 E:62:10
EasiuCNT10T10 E:62:10
EasiuCNT50T50 E:62:10
EBayDEHX400VGebraucht. Error: E:62:10
EBayDEHX400VSony Cybershot DSC-HX400V
EBayDEHX400VSony Cyber-shot DSC-HX400V
EBayDEHX400VSony DSC- HX400V ; Fehler E:62:10
EBayDEHX400VSony Cybershot DSC-HX400V Bridgekamera mit E:62:10 Fehler
EBayDEHX400VSony DSC HX400V Cyber*Shot Zeiss Objektiv, Fehler E:62:10
EBayDEHX400VSony Cyber-shot DSC HX400V Bridge Kamera
EBayDEHX400VSony DSC HX 400 V und Zubehör
EBayDEHX400VSony RX100III Zeiss Objektiv Foto Camera Defekt
EBayDEHX400VSony Cyber Shot dsc-hx400v error: e:62:10
EBayENHX300*Works But Read* Sony DSC-HX300 - E:62:10
EBayENHX300Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300 E:62:10 READ
EBayENHX300Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300 E:62:10
EBayENHX300SONY Cyber-shot DSC-H300 Camera works but with erro e62:10
EBayENHX300*Works But Read* Sony DSC-HX300 Digital Camera 20.4mp 50x Optical Zoom - E:62:10
EBayENHX300Camera doesn't work - Shows Error E:62:10
EBayENHX400E:62:10 Error. A very well documented failure with many Sony cameras
EBayENHX400VSony Cyber-shot DSC-HX400V sold as is
EBayENHX400VDSC-HX300 20.4MP Digital Camera Black +Battery E:62:10
EBayENHX400VDSC-HX400V 20.4MP Camera With Error Code E 62 10
EBayENHX400VCode Erreur E:62:10
EBayENHX400VSony Cyber-shot DSC-HX400V 20.4MP
EBayFRHX400VBridge Sony Cybershot DSC HX 400V Zoom 50X (lire l'annonce)
EBayFRHX400VBridge Sony Cybershot DSC HX 400V Zoom 50X (lire l'annonce)
EBayFRHX400VSony HX400v (Hors Service n°7)
EBayITHX400VVisualizzazione: e:62:10
ElCorteInglesSPHX400VFATIDIOSO E:62:10
EMagROHX400VTotally dissatisfied
EspecRUT50, T10, T9forum
EspecRUW120Sony DSC-W120 error E:62:20 (English)
Euro CoriEN Lens error E:61:10, E:62:10, C:32:60 repair
ExpansysPTT9E:62:10 [Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T9 Digital Camera - 129750]
FacebookPTDSC-HX1o erro E:62:10
FacebookFRHX400VUn an seulement et déjà en panne message E 62 10
FacebookTRW730Sony DSC-W730 E:62:10
FC2CHWX30SONY E:62:10 (In English)
FengniaoCNT30T30 E:62:10
FinBlog.DEDE Das Sony-Weihnachtswunder e:61:10
FiximRUHXR-MC1500PFlashes on the screen E:62:10 (English)
FixyaEN Flash not working
FixyaEN I have a flashing E:62:10 warning on the screen
FixyaEN Error message-- slow to take pictures
FixyaEN Indication E:62:10
FixyaEN error E:62:10 flashes when camera turned on
FixyaEN Shaking, whirring noise, E:62:10
FixyaEN I have a flashing E:62:10
FixyaENHDR-XR500VSony HDR-XR500V shows error E:62:10
FixyaENHDR XR520Sony hdr xr520ve blinking E:62:10
FixyaENHX300Has anyone repaired a Sony cyber-shot camera DSC HX300 with error code 62.10
FixyaENHX400VHi fixya My Sony DSC HX-400V is flashing Code E:62:10
FixyaENHX50VWhat does error code e:62:10 mean?
FixyaENT10Blinking notice on screen E:62:10
FixyaENT106210 error message
FixyaENT10Error of E 62 20 PD 177 camera - Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T10
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FlickRENHX400VDreaded Sony HX400V error E:62:10
FlickRENHX400VE:62:10 Error Message: Image Stabilization
Flog plPLHX300Sony HX300 E:62:10
FnacFRHX400VTB tant qu'il n'y a pas l'erreur E 6210
Forum ChipDEHX400VDigitalkamera Sony DSC HX 400V zeigt Fehler E 62:10
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ForumImprimanteFRT10Panne E:62:10 sur appareil photo DSC-T10
Forum PhotosubFRRX100affichage défaut E:62:20 sur Sony RX100
FotoBlick.RURUHX300Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX300
FotoBlick.RURUHX300Stabilizer error for Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX300
FotoCommunityDEHX400VFehlermeldung bei Sony DSC-HX400V
FotoKonijnenbergFRHX400VErreur E:62:10 (stabilisateur HS, photos floues)
FotoSerwisPLAX33Kamera AX33
FotoSerwisPLHX300Sony Cyber- shot DSC HX-300
FotoSerwisPLHX300SONY DSC-HX300
FotoSerwisPLHX300Sony HX-300
FotoSerwisPLHX300Lens error
FotoSerwisPLHX300SONY DSC-HX300
FotoSerwisPLHX300Sony DSC-HX300
FotoSerwisPLHX300Sony DSC-HX300
FotoSerwisPLHX300Sony DSC-HX300
FotoSerwisPLHX300Sony DSC-HX300
FotoSerwisPLHX300Sony DSC-HX300
FotoSerwisPLHX300Sony DSC-HX300
FotoSerwisPLHX300Sony DSC-HX300
FotoSerwisPLHX300HX300 : Error E:62:10
FotoSerwisPLHX350HX350 : Error E:62:10
FotoSerwisPLHX400HX400 : Error E:62:10
FotoSerwisPLHX400V, HX300, W830FotoSerwis
FotoSerwisPLHX400VSony HX400V
FotoSerwisPLHX400VSony DSC-HX400V
FotoSerwisPLW830sony DSC-w830
FromJapanJPHX400VDSC-HX400V Produit indésirable
FurimajpJPHX400VDSC-HX400V E:62:10 (English)
Génération NTFRG1probleme vibration objectif avec sony cyber shot dsc g1
GartenforumDE Bräuchte Hilfe bei meiner Kamera....
GBImagenSPHX400VHoy probamos: Sony HX400V
GebruikershandleidingNLHX20VIk krijg error code 6210
GebruikershandleidingNLHX20VSTORINGSCODE E-62-10
GebruikershandleidingNLHX20VMijn Sony geeft aan E:62:10
GebruikershandleidingNLHX300, HX400V Voor de tweede maal in drie jaar tijd een code in beeld e 6210 op de HX 300
GebruikershandleidingNLHX300melding van E:62:10 knipperend
GebruikershandleidingNLHX300In mijn zoeker E:62:10
GebruikershandleidingNLHX300In mijn camera krijg ik E62:10 te zien
GebruikershandleidingNLHX300Kan iemand mij vertellen wat de knipperende code E:62:10
GebruikershandleidingNLHX300E:62:10 foutmelding op scherm camera. Wat te doen?
GebruikershandleidingNLHX300Wat te doen bij foutmelding E:62:10
GebruikershandleidingNLHX300Probleem met de beeldstabilisatie
GebruikershandleidingNLHX300Sony Cybershot HX 300 . Melding op display E:62:10
GebruikershandleidingNLHX300Ook ik heb de melding E62:10
GebruikershandleidingNLHX300scherm vertoond een flikkering 62.10
GebruikershandleidingNLHX300Na het aanzetten van de camera krijg ik direct een melding
GebruikershandleidingNLHX300Melding van E:62:10 knipperend
GebruikershandleidingNLHX400Wat betekent de foutmelding E:62:10
GebruikershandleidingNLHX400VBij elke opname met mijn Sony HX400V knippert een code centraal in het beeld
GebruikershandleidingNLHX400VSinds enige tijd knippert bij elke opname centraal in beeld de code E:62:10
GebruikershandleidingNLHX400Vmijn camera DSC-HX400V geeft een melding
GebruikershandleidingNLHX400VFoutcode E:62:10 verschijnt knipperend op het scherm.
GebruikershandleidingNLHX400VE:62:10 flikkert voortdurend op het schermpje
GebruikershandleidingNLHX400VOok ik de foutmelding E62-10 knipperend in mijn camera
GebruikershandleidingNLHX400VSinds een aantal weken knipperend symbool E:62:10
Generation-NTFRT10Sony DSC T10 qui vibre
GetNinjasSP um erro (e:62:10)
GetNinjasSPHX200VSony dsc hx 200v ta com erro e:62:10
GumTreeENHX300Fault flashing in the view finder..E-62-10
GzweixCNT10,T20,T30T10/T20/T30 E:62:10
HarveyNormanENHX400VPoor Service over generic problem with this camera
Help-ClubRU Error E 62 10
Help-OwlENHDR-PJ380EError E 62 10
HenrysENHX400VA Great Camera....For a While...
HeurekaCZHX400VSony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX400 (English)
HogeCHT10E:62:10 (English)
IdealoDEHX400VError 62:10 nach 2 Jahren
IFixItEN E:62:10 what is this
IFixItEN Why does a code is showing
IFixItENHDR CS675Getting E62:10 error code
IFixItENHX300What is error E:62:10
IFixItENHX400VE62:10 title on the screen
IFixItENW730I have a code flashing on my camera E-62;10
IFixItENW730sony cyber shot dsc-w730 -reset E:62.10
IFixItENW830E:62:10 error code
JeuxVideoFRHX300Erreur Sony 62:10
JustAnswerEN E 62 10 flashes on my screen
JustAnswerEN When I am recording I am seeing a blinking E:62:10 upper…
JustAnswerENHDR-CX430VI have a blinking error code E.62.10 on the touchscreen of my Sony HDR-CX430V
JustAnswerENHDR-PJ540HDR-PJ540. My camera
JustAnswerENHX300I have the Cyber-shot DSC-HX300 that is flashing E:62:10
JustAnswerENHX300My Sony DSC-Hx300 camera has E62:10 malfunction
JustAnswerENHX400VHX400V camera, while taking image
JustAnswerENHX400VI have my Sony make HX400V
JustAnswerENHX400VWhat is E:62:10 on a Sony DSC:HX400V camera. 3-4 years!
JustAnswerENT10sony cyber-shot dsc-t10 and E:62:10 keeps flashing
JustAnswerENT10sony Cyber-shot DSC-T10
JustAnswerENT30I have a 7.2mp SteadyShot DSC -T30
JustAnswerENT50My Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T50
JustAnswerENT9I have a Sony Cyber Shot DSC-T_9
JustAnswerENT9my dsc t9 as developed a E:62:10
JustAnswerEN A blinking E:62:10 upper
JustAnswerENXDMy Sony XDCAM has a blinking error code 62.10
JustAnswerEN showing an error message
JustAnswerEN Sony. Error E:62:10 appeared on screen
JustAnswerEN I have a Sony DSC-HX300 camera
JustAnswerJPWX300WX300 E:62:10 (English)
JuzaphotoITHX400Vil famigerato e:62.10
JWDXCHHX300HX300 E:62:10
KaideeTHHX400VSony DSC-HX400V
KassaNLCybershotSony cybershot camera E 62:10 foutmelding
KawatCH E:62:10
KieskeurigNLHX400V foutmelding E:62:10
Klacht NLNL 3 keer defecte camera
Klacht NLNL E 62:10 storing
Klacht NLNL Vreemd geluid slechte foto’s
Klacht NLNL Klacht: Storing E:62:10
Klacht NLNLHX300Foutcode E62.10 – Sony DSC HX 300
Klacht NLNLHX300Foutmelding E62.10 op mijn Sony camera DSC HX300
Klacht NLNLHX300Klacht: Storing ( E 62 10) in Sony Cybershot DSC HX 300
Klacht NLNLHX400Foutmelding E.62.10
Klacht NLNLHX400Vknipperende melding E6210
Klacht NLNLTX30Sony DSC-TX30
LenafemininaSP E 62 10 Câmera Sony
LesNumériquesFRHX300Deux fois en panne
LesNumériquesFRRX10Sony RX10 III
Magazine VideoFRPXW-X70message suivant: E:62:10
Media24SLHX300Sony DSC HX300
MediaMarktDEHX400Leichte DSL-Kamera in guten Preis-Leistungsverhält
MediaMarktFRHX400message "E:62:10 est apparu
MediaMarktNLHX400Goede camera, maar absoluut geen aanrader - Minpunten E:62:10 error
MediaMarktNLHX400Prima camera, totdat...
MediaMarktNLHX400Goede camera totdat...
MercadoLivreSPW830Câmera Sony Cybershot Dsc W830 - Esta Dando Erro ( E:62:10 )
MercadoLivreSPNX5Minha nx5 está acusando erro e:62:10
MercadoLivreSPW730 W830 WX60 WX80Flex lente repara
MercadoLivreSPW730 W830 WX60 WX80Sony Dsc-w730 W830 Wx60 Wx80 Error E:62:10
MicrosiervosSPT9, T30Sony T-9 / T-30: el error del estabilizador que se arregla... a golpes
MGBRHX400VATENÇÃO: câmera com problema conhecido Erro E:62:10
Mobile01CHHX300How does the HX300 suddenly appear E:62:10??? (English)
Mobile01CHHX300Sony DSC-HX300 E62:10 (English)
Mobile01CHHX400VHX400V ? (English)
Mobile01CHHX400V, HX300Sony HX400V has a fault code (English)
Mobile01CHT20There is also fault code E: 62:10 (English)
Mobile01CHT30What is the T30 error code? (English)
Mobile01CHT50Please recommend a camera (English)
Mobile01CHT9, T20T-20 brain people's vibration problem (English)
Mobile01CHT9About the E:62:10 error code on the T9 screen (English)
Mobile01CHT9Sony T9 lens vibration E: 62:10 (English)
Mobile01CHT9my T9 also has a boot lens vibration (English)
Monitor.NetRUHVR-HD1000ESony HVR-HD1000E E:62:10
Monitor.NetRUT300Sony DSC-T300 E:62:20 (English)
MyDCCHH1Sony objectif vibration (English)
MyDCCHHX30VSony DSC-HX30V E:62:10
MyDCCHRX100M3RX100M3 E:62:10
MyMarket.GEGEHX400VE:62:10 (English)
NapsixPTHX300Cámara Semiprofesional Sony Dsc Hx300, mensaje E:62:10
OglasiSLHX300Sony DSC HX300
OLXBRHX300Mostra o erro E:62:10
OLXINHX300kode E:62:10
OLXRUHX300Sony dsc-hx300 E:62:10
OLXESHX300Cámara semiprofesional Sony hx300
OLXPTHX400VCâmera com erro E:62:10
OpineoPLHX300HX300 E:62:10
Otvet.MailRUHX300The image stabilizer has failed. Error E:62:10. How to fix?
Otvet.MailRUT9E:62:10 T9
PaladixCZRX100 iiiProdám fotoaparát Sony RX100 iii
PChouseCN E:62:10
PechorinENT10Error code E:62:20
Photo.StackexchangeENW830The camera does show an error code E:62:10
PhotoGalerieFRHX400VA jeter après moins de 3 ans
PhotographyBanzaiEN Potential issue known as the E:62:10 error
PhotographyBlogENHX400Vmy HX400v developed a E:62:10 error message
PhotoSpecialistENHX400Vattendre un modèle plus fiable (stabilisateur)
PicclickITHX300Sony DSC-Hx300 (ERROR E:62:10)
PicclickDEHX400VSony Cybershot DSC-HX400V Digitalkamera - mit Defekt FEHLER E:62:10
PicclickDEHX400VDefekte Sony HX400v Kamera mit Errorcode E:62:10 und ungeprüftem Zubehör
PicclickDEHX400VSONY DSC-HX400 20.4 MP, 50x Zoom, Full HD, ZEISS, E:62:10, aber volle Funktion!
PicclickFRHX400VA reparer Code erreur E:62:10
PicclickFRHX400VBridge Sony Cybershot DSC-HX400V
PinterestENHX300Works But Read E:62:10
ProductReviewENHX400Vthe dreaded Sony error code E-62-10
Proteste!PRHX300Defeito na Câmera HX300
Que ChoisirFRHX300, HX400VSAV Sony Bridge DSC
RadarNLHX300Error E:62:10; veelvoorkomend euvel
RadarNLHX300Foutmelding camera Sony HX300 E 62.10
RadiScanner.ruRUT10Sony DSC-T10 Error E:62:10 (in english)
RakutenBlogJPWX30DSC-WX30 Error E:62:10 (in English)
RakutenBlogJPWX30DSC-WX30 Error E:62:10 (in English)
ReclaBoxDEHX400VFehler E:62:10 Kamera Sony HX400V
ReclameAQUIPRHX300Câmera DSC - HX300 Erro E:62:10
ReclameAQUIPRHX300Câmera Sony apresenta erro E:62:10
ReclameAQUIPRHX300Câmera Sony HX300 defeito de fabricação no Zoom
ReclameAQUIPRHX300código de erro E:62:10
ReclameAQUIPRHX300Erro E:62:10 na câmera DSC-HX300
ReclameAQUIPRHX300Erro E:62:10
ReclameAQUIPRHX300Sony DSC-HX300 erro E:62:10
ReclameAQUIPRHX400Erro E:62:10 no visor da HX400
ReclameAQUIPRHX400VErro E:62:10 na HX400V
ReclameAQUIPRW55Erro E:62:10
Reklamieren24DEHX400VErfahrungen mit Sony Digitalkamera DSC-HX400V - nach 3 Jahren Seriendefekt - enttäuschende Qualität
RemainUnknownENRX100E:62:10 Error Code on Sony Cyber-Shot RX100
RicardoDEHX400VSony HX400V defekt Fehler E:62:10
RozetkaRUHX300E:62:10 (English)
SaneiJPHX300HX300 E:62:10
SaturnDEHX300Error E:62:10
ServiceBox.RURUHDR-CX740VESony hdr-cx740ve error (English)
ShopeeTHHX350Sony DSC-HX350
SikayetvarTRHX300Sony Dsc-hx300 Camera E:62:10 Error
SkelbiuLTHX300Sony Cybershot Hx300
SohuCHHX300Sony HX300 prompt E:62:10 (English)
SonyClubRUT30Sony T30 Error E:62:20 (English)
Sony StoreESHX400VFATIDIOSO E:62:10
Sony StoreESHX400VFallo sistemático
Sony StoreENHX400VPoor Service over generic problem with this camera
Studio & DesignENHX300my sony dsc hx 300 is showing E:62:10 on its screen what dose it mean
Studio & DesignENHX300my sony dsc hx 300 is showing E:62:10 on its screen
Studio & DesignENWX7Showing error (E:62:10)
TaringaSPHX300E:62:10 SONY solucionado !!
Test AankoopNLHX400VUitvallen van een Sony DSC HX400V met E62:10
TestBerichtDEHX400Vnach 3 Jahren Seriendefekt
TinhteVT My camera is faulty E:62:10 (English)
TinhteVTHX20VE:62:10 trên Sony DSC: HX20V
TinhteVTHX300E:62:10 is how it is (English)
TinhteVTW630, W730, W830I have a Sony W730 wrong E:62:10 (English)
TinhteVTW730On the screen always show E:62:10 (English)
TubeShooterENHXR-NX100Stabilization system failure (Error code: E:62:10)
TweakersNL E:62:10 Error code op het display
TweakersNLHX300Welbekende E:62:10 melding
TweakersNLHX400Vberuchte E62:10 foutmelding
TweakersNLHX400Vstoringsmelding E:62:10
Ugly HedgehogENHX400V, HX300dsc hx400v which is giving error message E:62.10
Ugly HedgehogENHX400VSony dsc hx400v error code 62.10
Ugly HedgehogENHX400VMy Sony DSC HX400V has E:62.10
VandenborreFRHX400VFragilité du stabilisateur d'image
VideoAktivDEFDR-AX1Fehler E 62.10 bei der Sony FDR AX 1
Videomakers.netITHDR-CX900E[Sony HDR-CX900E] Errore E:62:10
VideoOneENHDR-FX1000Sony HDR-FX1000 Lens Error C:32:60 E:62:10 Video
VideoOneENHXR-NX5U, HDR-AX2000
E:62:10 Lens Error
WallapopESHX400VCámara d fotos Sony DSC HX400V
W3SchoolEN How to fix E:62:10 error on Sony digital camera
WehkampNLHX400VBeeldstabilisator met korte levensduur
WikiAvesPRHX300Manutenção Sony DSC HX300
XueHuaCHHX300HX300 E:62:10
XuexiCN E:62:10
YahooENT50What is E:62:10? someone please help.?
YahooFRHX20VErreur sur un sony dsc hx20v
YahooENHX300Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300 error code E:62:10
YahooFRT10What is the meaning of error code
YahooFRT30J'ai un code d'erreur E:62:10
YeskyCH E:62:10
YoReparoSPHX300CAMARA SONY cybershot HX300 E:62:10
YoReparoSPHX300SONY HX300 (Error E:62:10) estabiizador
YoReparoSPW730Mi cámara fotográfica SONY no graba, me sale ésto E:62:10
YouTube (1x)CHE:62:10 E:62:11 E:62:12
YouTube (1x)CHE:62:10
YouTube (11775x)ENCAMERA DEFECT E:62:10
YouTube (1219x)ENTX10DSC-TX10 E:62:10
YouTube (123031x)ENHX400VStabilisation error E:62:10
YouTube (12406x)ENHXR-NX5, HDR-AX2000, HDR-FX1000, DCR-VX2200SONY HXR-NX5 HDR-AX2000 HDR-FX1000 DCR-VX2200 E:61:10 E:62:10 C:32:60 NAPRAWA
YouTube (1274x)ENHX20VMit Sony DSC - HX20V gefilmt Digital Camera Fehler E:62:10
YouTube (1331x)ENW830Error E:62:10 pada sony DSC -W830 #TUTORIAL
YouTube (1371x)ENRX100 IVError en Sony RX100 IV
YouTube (15706x)ENW730how to fix Sony DSC-W730 Error E:62:10 part 2
YouTube (1628x)ENW730How to Repair Sony Cybershoot DSC-W730 Camera Error/E:62:10
YouTube (165x)ENHDR-CX670HDR-CX670
YouTube (16722x)ENE:62:10 câmera sony resolvido, E : 62: 10 Cámara Sony resuelto
YouTube (169x)ENHDR-CX520VESony HDR-CX520VE Full HD Camcorder
YouTube (1753x)ENHX300Sony DSC-HX300 Error E:62:10 repair , ??????
YouTube (18x)ENHX300Présentation x300
YouTube (196x)ENHX400Sony HX400 error 62:10
YouTube (19701x)ENHX300Sony DSC-HX300 Lens replacement on error E62:10
YouTube (2041x)ENCara SIMPLE Mengatasi E:62:10 pada kamera digital
YouTube (208331x)ENmy Sony hx300 ....showing some error e:62:10
YouTube (215x)ENSONY chyba E6210
YouTube (26x)ENE:62:10
YouTube (27594x)ENHX20VSony DSC - HX20V Digital Camera Fehler E:62:10
YouTube (3x)ENT30How to fix sony er:62:10
YouTube (55x)ENHXRMC 1500How to fix Sony Hxrmc 1500 Error E:62:10 E 62:12 part 1
YouTube (28619x)ENW730how to fix Sony DSC-W730 Error E:62:10 part 1
YouTube (31x)ENSony Camera HX300 50x Zoom Moon (Error E:62:10)
YouTube (37x)ENSolution Message SONY "E 62 10 "
YouTube (3831x)ENHX200VMalfunction sony HX200V, lens/ sensor problem
YouTube (4337x)ENHX300Sony hx300 error E:62:10 video test
YouTube (528x)ENHX300Vsony hx300v e:62:10
YouTube (53294x)ENError e:62:10 Sony Digital Camera Trick
YouTube (54386x)ENHX400VThere is a potential issue with the camera and other Sony digicams known as the E:62:10 error
YouTube (533x)ENHX400VSony HX 400V stabilisation problems?
YouTube (576x)ENHX400Vvery famous problem in Sony cameras 62:10
YouTube (586x)ENHX400VSony Hx400v e:62:10
YouTube (6037x)ENHX300reparer erreurs E 62 10 SONY DSC HX 300 avec nettoyage
YouTube (60x)ENRX10SONY DSC-RX10
YouTube (611x)ENW830Trik Tutorial Cara Mengatasi Error E:62:10 Pada Kamera Digital Sony DSC-W830
YouTube (644x)ENCara MUDAH mengatasi lensa eror e:62:10
YouTube (7x)CHE:62:10
YouTube (705x)ENCara/trik Mudah Mengatasi Eror E:62:10
YouTube (7242x)ENHX400Verro e:62:10 de câmera digital da Sony no meu caso na HX400V
YouTube (787x)FRHX300Erreur Sony DSC HX300 E:62:10
YouTube (78934x)ENHX300Sony DSC-HX300 Error E:62:20 cleaner assembly disassembly
YouTube (7893x)ENE 62 10 Câmera Sony com erro Como resolver
YouTube (852x)ENHX300Camera Sony HX300
YouTube (8771x)ENW730How to repair sony cybershoot dsc-w730 cameraError/E:62:10
YouTube (8946x)ENHX5VSony HX5V Lens Error Code
YouTube (89694x)ENH300como reparar una camara sony DSC-H300 / problema: se atora la lente
YouTube (9629x)ENHX300Sony HX300 Error 62:10 ??????, repair
YouTube (19x)EN How to fix camera error E:62:10
YxccCH Sony E62:10
ZuowenzhaiCH Sony E62:10

How many people have the same problem E:62:10 ?

The list reproduced above contains more than 648 forums !!, each forum lists dozens of users with the same problem.

Even considering only the same model DSC-HX400V as I have, I could quickly find more than 336 users sharing the same problem :

53poisson , A. , A.H.B. , Acat1234 , Adam J Jones , Adi27a , adiebear , Adolfo Bautista , Aga , Aga , agus2 , Aisse Gaertner , AJAV , Al Alvera , Aldo Britez , Alex Térieur , Allison Werner , amangen , Amazon customer , Amazon Customer , Amazon Kunde , Ambos , AMLT , AMLT , amlt85 , amtaham , An , Andrea , AndreaM68 , Anke Meyer , annemarie.adv , Annie E.Smit-Nauta , anonym , anonym , anonym 02 10 2016 , anonym 03 09 2016 , anonym 03 09 2016 , anonym 05 09 2017 , anonym 05 09 2017 , anonym 06 09 2017 , anonym 08 12 2016 , anonym 08 12 2016 , anonym 10 08 2015 , anonym 10 08 2015 , anonym 10 08 2015 , anonym 10 08 2015 , anonym 10 10 2018 , anonym 11 10 2016 , anonym 12 02 2018 , anonym 13 08 2018 , anonym 17 07 2016 , anonym 17 07 2016 , anonym 17 07 2016 , anonym 17 07 2017 , anonym 17 08 2017 , anonym 21 07 2018 , anonym 22 11 2017 , anonym 22 11 2017 , anonym 25 10 2015 , anonym 25 10 2015 , anonym 26 03 2018 , anonym 26 03 2018 , anonym 28 07 2018 , anonym 30 07 2017 , anonym 30 07 2017 , anonym 30 10 2017 , Anton Hünseler , Anton Oechslin , appolonie , Aragones1946 , Arie , Arnon Panram , auroco , avikn , ayhanca , Babka Ola , Bartos Lorant , BBG , BERNADETTE-M , Bernd Beuster , Bilbo , bobi , bod , bod , bonita03 , Bruce , Bruce W , c.baart , Carlos Nepomuceno , Carolina G , Chickenhawk55 , Chris2974 , christine2017 , Claude Diomede , CORVANBOMMEL , crefa01 , Crown head , DamesHoedje , Datyur Natyur , David , debfarme , dedesab07 , Dee Dee 1964 , Degoe181 , Delphine , Delyan , den Duit , destockagepccomsarl2015 , DFERNANDES , dgrinbergs , Dick , Didier M , Didier W , Dinu C , Dirty Dora , Dodge_Rock , Dominique F , Doodek , doublem , Duikeend , DutchFlyingMike , Ela , Elaxa , Emanuele , enzian1968 , Espana , F Hölzel , Fatmir , Fellipe Queiroz , Forgesia , Fotomaschine , fragon95 , Francielle , FRANCISCO RODRIGO AIRES , frankywood , Fredox40 , Freek1951 , Frieke113 , Gameplay , geertsmit , gefrustreerde gebruiker , GIBBSUK , Gipfelstürmer , Giuseppe , gleumi , gojanwisse , gozoman , Guido , Hans , Hans , harkelinfan , Heinz Brausmann , Heisch , heisess , Herr , hj444 , hmtrip83 , hmtrip83 , Homan47 , Hr. Wengatz , Hussnain Naqvi , Hx400V , Iaspes , Ivor3648 , J , Jacques , jajaro50 , jan.witteveen , Jane Groff , Janny78 , Jay Elias , jazine84 , jegaral , jerzim71 , Jim , JM , Joe Mirza , John Lennryd , Jose2712 , josotos64 , JPC06 , Julius , JZteEM , Karin , Karine P , Karl T , Karma Wangda , Kater , katiescameras , KeithLa , KG , kokokoko65 , Kraig , Laurent DECERLE , Lens error , Leonore , Linda , Linda52 , LisaGV , Lomy12 , LostAndFound , Louie , Luus1960 , Mapke005 , Marc , Marc , Marcel , MarcosV6 , Marie-Geneviève JACOB , Mario133502 , Mariusz , MarkDiax , Marko Rösler , Markus , Mart , Mart , Maurice S. , Mauricio , mch53 , mellopoli , Méphisto69 , Merlin vit , metaluna2013 , MF te A , miagu5 , Microscopus , Miguel Geldres , Mikis25 , miko55 , milan , Milan , mirabelle2000 , Mirek , MMartenco , Moesman49 , Monique Barroire , Moomes , Murielle Neuhaus , MyDC , NCsonyCamera , neufal54 , Neufeld , Nikhil Nevrekar , Nilda , null , Oliv , oobxk91255 , oscar j Rocha Gonzalez , Oz , palastiner , Pascal de l'Essonne , Paul V , Paul Van Dyck , peronneau , Personne privée , Phil33 , philmont07 , philmont505 , philmont606 , phimicho0 , pierluigi , Pieto69 , pieto77 , plutoup , Popie , poussiere666 , PS , Quintus , qweebbeltje , R Olivier , Registrovaný uživatel , remaja-123 , Renata Rocha , ribogo , Richard Galbraith , Rijkje , Riko Fesser , RobinBongiovi , Roman , rowi49 , Rowi49 , Royvanpoppelen , Ruud M , Ryan A.Bingham , Ryan A.Bingham , Salomon13 , sandra sijm , sandrine85320 , Sardaukar , Seajeei , sean , seyjo , Shbfam , Snehal Sinha , snej36236 , SonyGGuy , Sophie , sorietje , Soultz , Stefan , Stefluni56 , Štepán , Stephen McDonald , Steuman , Steuman , Steve Coffman , Sydney66 , Sylv18foto! , T Schmidt , Tante Lotte , TEUTEU , thhuem , Thiago , thomas , Thomas Malz , Thorsten , TomOne , tomrandall86 , tomstam , Toniderrama , tradeoff , Treillny , Tutor40 , twistertoys , TWK , unclebill6 , Vanessa , VAV , vincentdet2013 , visis.cameras , Vk , Walter René , Wilhelmina63 , Willemien , wrs33 , Yem

Here is on Amazon the testimony of a company that bought a dozen devices simultaneously and more than half of which revealed the error E:62:10 !!! (60% failure !)

" Is this camera prone to E:62:10 stabilizer failures? Our company purchased over a dozen HX300 cameras and over half developed this error. "

" Both my HX200 and HX400 have had precisely this problem/error message, and if you Google "E:62:10" you will see that many consumers report this issue with a wide range of Sony digital cameras. The stabilization function ceases to work, the camera lens grinds and shakes on startup, the image in the viewfinder takes several seconds to appear (hugely frustrating) and shakes and trembles when it does. In addition, in both the HX200 and HX400, shadowing suddenly appeared at the top left and right of some images, especially (but not exclusively) those taken with a blue-sky backdrop, and some blurring was evident in the same corners of images. I am currently overseas, but my HX400 is still under warranty (unlike the HX200, which I had to throw out), and as soon as I return home it will be going into the shop for repair/replacement. The fact that you have developed this problem with over half of a given batch, and the fact that it has been reported in a wide range of other Sony cameras, suggests a major manufacturing flaw that has existed for years, and which Sony shamefully has failed to address. "

Here is on Amazon the testimony of a company that bought more than 50 camera's and more than 70% revealed the error E:62:10 !!! (70% failure !)

" My company is going through so many of these cameras like crazy. We can't seem to keep one longer than 6 months. Even as a manager, mine sees little use, rarely uses zoom, and not even half a year later, the stabilizer fails. Once this happens, forget taking video, and you better have a tripod for the photos. The slightest nudge makes the lens shake like crazy. I suppose if you rarely use it, go for it. Otherwise, get something else. It wasn't just one camera, it's over 70% of our 50 plus cameras."

" Sony Support USA (4 years ago) : Hi J. Smith, Thanks for sharing this information and experience with us. We'll pass this to the right department for future product developments."

Here is the testimony of a user who bought 2 HX300 and 1 HX400V, all with the error E:62:10 ... and with confirmation from Sony that the stabilizer is the same (100% failure !).

" Do NOT buy this camera or any cybershot with the same stabilizer. I use my cameras daily for work as an insurance inspector. I owned 2 HX300's. They BOTH within 4 months of buy them began displaying an error message (E:62:10) which is a stabilizer error that causes the camera to not focus properly and eventually not function at all. Both cameras have been sent in for repair 2 times each to repair this same defect. One upon being sent in for repair I was told it can not be repaired so I was sent a new HX400. The 300 is now showing the error message for the 3rd time and are out of warranty so Sony will not do anything to fix it. The new 400 is also showing the same message and Sony stated that even though it is a new camera it is only covered by the warranty of the initial HX300 that I bought. After repair Sony gives 90 days for a short warrant of the repair. Well both of my cameras displayed the error again within that time frame and I contacted support upon which I was told I would be contacted within 2 business days regarding the issue. No contact for 2 weeks. I call again, again they "escalated" the problem no contact for a month. I call again and again all they can do is "escalate" the problem. Well needless to say it is now outside the 90 day mark and Sony sends me an email response that the cameras are out of warranty and it is my problem to get them fixed. I could understand and accept this result if this were not a singular persisting problem with the cameras, but it's an obvious defect in quality with the products. You will likely NEVER see a Sony in my hands again. Oh and I asked support it this same stabilizer is in all of Sony's cameras and they said, "yes, all Sony cameras run the same stabilizer". Hope you have better luck then I did. "

Here is the testimony of a user who bought 2 HX300 and 1 HX400V, all again with the error E:62:10 (100% failure !).

" Hi, this is already my 3rd Sony camera (2x HX 300 and now HX 400v) all after more than 2yrs the same malfunction, reported to Sony, they have proposed a courtesy scheme, repair at Techrepair, I had to pay € 250, so I finally agreed to leave my device there for spare parts, otherwise I also had to pay € 85 research costs, and that for a defective camera, outrageous that Sony does not recognize this. "

Here a user who has bought 3 HX400V...all three dead (100% failure).

" My third DSC-HX400 is dead [error E62-10] "

Here a user who had the error E:62:10 3 times despite repair !

" I was just checking to see how many others have had the E 62:10 Lens Stabilizer Issue. My first HX300 had that failure in under two years of use and glad I had the MACK 3 year warranty but was not sure if it would be covered or not. The camera was sent over to Sony after MACK checked it out and they ended up sending me a refurbished one with a 90 day warranty. I was able to my surprise able to buy another MACK 3 year warranty on the replacement. Then 7/4/16 the E 62:10 issue showed up again and just sent off to MACK today so will see what happens this time. So the warranty's and shipping to repair/replace adding up..... but don't look forward to having another if the same issue is going to happen after a year or two. (...) UPDATE 9/11/17 Just had the same lens error E62:10 for the 3rd time and will be mailing back into MACK Camera Warranty Update 9/29/17 - Camera back from repairs but see after around 40 - 43X when zooming , it blurs out , auto or manual and any setting............"

Here a user who bought 2 HX400V...both with the same dreaded error code (100% failure !).

" After +/- 3 years my two DSCHX400V devices all have the error code 62:10. "

Here another user who bought 2 HX400V...both with the same dreaded error code (100% failure !).

"I have a SONY DSC-H400. For some time now, it has been displaying a 62: 10 problem code. Apparently, it's a stabilizer problem. But, my daughter who had the same device, told me that she had the same concern and that it was impossible to repair. "

Here another user who bought 2 HX400V...both with the same dreaded error code (100% failure !).

" They both now flash an error message "E:62:10" on the screen. Based on my telephoto pictures, I think it means that the autofocus or auto tracking isn't working. Error code came up only 5 months after purchase, but too late to return as defective. $150 to fix. "

Here another user who bought 2 HX400V...both with the same dreaded error code (100% failure !).

" Same problem for me. I had 2 Sony camera’s. The previous one had the same error after 2 years. The new one has this problem already within 2 years. "

Here another user who bought 1 HX300 and 1 HX400V...both with the same dreaded error code (100% failure !).

" In 2013 I bought a SONY DSC-HX 300 camera. I was delighted with it and its possibilities. Three years later the error E: 60: 10 popped up. The camera continued to take pictures but it turned on with a delay and there were strong vibrations as I tried to zoom in closer. As it met all my expectations, in 2016 I bought another SONY DSC-HX 400V. A week ago, while taking photos, I got the same error E: 60: 10. I found a video on the internet to remove the battery for a second with the lens fully extended. - unfortunately does not help. I did a camera settings reset - it didn't help either. On the internet, I found a discussion of people who are struggling with the same problem. Apparently it is known to SONY company ailment of these cameras !!! "

Here a Sony repairer has identified a manufacturing defect but it is not recognized by Sony.

" My Sony repairman has found that there is a manufacturing error in the image stabilization of these lenses and cameras, has contacted Sony about this but they do not want to admit this. Understandably there are probably thousands sold, and if you are just about the guarantee, then you have to pay yourself, they say. This camera is ridiculous, it should certainly not break down within three years, Sony shame on you and my advice place it on Twitter and Facebook within Europe and let everyone share this. "

The problem is so well known that several companies have developed a service catalog specific for this business on the Internet !
- EuroCori
- Ebay
- Ebay
- FotoSerwis : HX300, HX350, HX400
- VideoOne Repair : HXR-NX5U, HDR-AX2000, HDR-FX1000
- Tamir

Typically, camera users with this kind of problem will not systematically turn to forums to protest. Most will not visit the Internet, or will not even realize that they are not the only ones to experience the same problem. In terms of marketing, some sites explain that only 4% of users will actually complain:
A thousand consumers who complain can therefore represent up to several tens of thousands of consumers who have the same problem.
As shown in the table, the few YouTube videos listed above were viewed by more than 58,800 people in total.

We can also get an indication of the interested people by considering the people having read those topics on the different SONY communities (click on the images to get to the corresponding forum thread) :
As shown in the table, the few SONY forum discussions listed below were viewed by more than 213,000 people in total.


















Number of views

Is E:62:10 a recurring problem ?

All models of cameras may suffer from punctual and / or isolated problems. In a normal situation, each user would normally experience different types of errors depending on their own situation, and statistically each type of error should therefore be in a more or less uniform distribution.

The list of possible errors is available here: about fifteen codes. As explained here by amangen, each of them should therefore present themselves in more or less 7% of cases, like this :

In reality, here is the distribution of cases that can be observed on the Internet:

The other error cases represent each an average of 3% of the reported cases, while the E:62:10 error alone accounts for almost 60% of the cases, which is almost 20 times the average frequency of the other codes. As stated here, this finding irrevocably establishes the existence of a hidden structural problem on these SONY cameras.

As indicated here, the case of the company on Amazon quoted above is particularly interesting, because it represents statistically a sample : if we consider mathematically that, considering the number of similar devices produced by Sony, the choice of two successive devices is uncorrelated, if the probability of having a faulty device is p, the probability of successively having two faulty devices in the same sample will be , and the probability of having successively n faulty devices in the same sample will be pn. Let's first consider that the failure rate is 5% = 0.05 (which is 1 faulty device on 20), then the probability that this company had to get 7 defective devices is (0.05)7 = 0.00000000078125 is 1 chance out of 1,280,000,000 ...! not really credible ! The actual failure rate is therefore significantly higher. Conversely, assuming that they had a 1 in 2 chance of falling on such a defect rate, then this means that the failure rate is (0.5)1/7 = 0.90572 which is more than 90%. For 1 chance out of 4, this still represents (0.25)1/7 = 0.82033, which is more than 82%.The corresponding probability curves clearly demonstrate this:

The number of cases presented above (see "How many people have the same problem?") with exactly the same symptoms clearly demonstrates thus a recurring problem and a defect rate when purchasing such a camera that is most likely between 80% and 90%.

When SONY support services are asked if they have conflicting arguments or an alternative mathematical model or possibly detailed fault tests to correct or confirm the above failure rate, the answer is that they are not able to answer: the message posted here by amangen confirms the applicability of the statistical model proposed above as well as the aforementioned failure rate between 80% and more than 90%.

In addition, here is the evolution of the number of cases reported amongst others on SONY community sites during the last 4 years:

This also shows that SONY has been made aware of this problem since at least 5 years.

Which models have the E:62:10 problem ?

As shown in the table above, many models of SONY cameras exhibit the same symptoms.
Some models, however, seem more affected by the presence of the same stabilization components:

(Temporary) solution of the problem E:62:10

The procedure documented below provides a temporary solution to the problem (click here to view in full resolution) :

1. Turn on the device

2. Zoom to the maximum

3. Without turning off the device with the on / off button, eject the battery

4. Re-introduce the battery quickly so as not to lose the parameters (after a few seconds, the date and other preferences are erased from the memory, but this is not the case if you perform the manipulation fast enough)

5. Push the on / off button to turn the device back on.

The camera automatically enters the zoom, but the message is no longer displayed ... and the stabilizer works perfectly !! even at maximum zoom!

Unfortunately, this solution is temporary because this procedure must be repeated each time the camera is turned on. It is still possible to use the device, but needless to say that performing this procedure, even if it only takes 20 seconds, completely eliminates the ability to take pictures quickly when the camera is turned off. (pictures of animals, children, etc.)

Here is a photo taken in focal length 1200mm after execution of the bypass procedure

(click here or on the picture to view in full resolution)


Here is a video taken in focal length 1200mm after execution of the bypass procedure

(click here to view the video in full resolution)

Other videos with the solution : (* Update : unfortunately this video has been removed from YouTube in the meantime *)

Other similar YouTube channels :
Sony Kamera :
kyodotokyo2012 :

Root Cause Analysis of the problem E:62:10

Only the technical services of SONY know the real truth, but as shown below (see "Use of the technical support of SONY") the support services refuse to recognize the recurring problem E:62:10.

Some of the YouTube videos listed above show however the most probable cause of the structural defect : the electronical ribbon making the connection between the camera and the captors of the stabilizator on the lens, do experience micro-breaks after repetitive usage of the zoom. See also the comment from miagu5 here and the comment from Mirek here. This seems to happen after several thousands extensions of the ribbon, which roughly corresponds for most users to the period of the legal warranty. - 03:24 - 01:07

See also this post on dpreview and the pictures below as proofs : the flex connector may eventually completely break.

The replacement cost of this electronical ribbon is only a few euro's. It can easily be found on Internet : AliExpress ($3.54), AliExpress ($6.40), AliExpress ($4.67), AliExpress ($5.60), AliExpress ($3.89), eBay ($3.60), eBay (£5.14), eBay ($3.50), eBay (£1.90), Amazon, Amazon, Amazon (€10,73), eBay (AU14,09), Joom (€7), Mercadolibre, Schneider ($11) ,... and is clearly documented " to replace your cracked, old or damaged lens flex cable " and " to fix the E:62:10 error ". - 05:38 - 05:47 - 03:33

You can also read the excellent article from FotoBlick.RU (in Russian) here, where they also demonstrate that the origin of the failure is linked to the flex connector :

On their website, numerous users also complain having E:62:10 errors.

Read also here the comment from miagu5 who also performed the repair and confirms that this is the root cause of the problem.

This is also confirmed by D.Strong here and by Dalang1 here : the flex connector is the cause of the problem.

Read also the comments from Ibrahim Ghanem : he confirms that the problem is due to the worn-out cable connected to the anti-vibration, and fixed it successfully after suffering.

Read also here the comment from crefa01 : under warranty, SONY indeed just replaced the connection between the optical and the board.

However, it implies a complete dismount of the camera, not really possible for the average customer. - 03:31

Thus, when the warranty is expired, the SONY repair services replace the complete lens barrel... which means a cost roughly equivalent to the purchase cost of a new device !!

In the comments here Kézdivásárhely Polyp also confirms that the problem is due to the flex connector, but servicing just replaces the optical block. - 03:10

In the comments here Gameplay also confirms that the problem is due to the flex connector, and he shows in a very detailed video how to replace the optical block. - 23:58

See here comments from many people that had to pay a price nearly equivalent to the cost of a new camera :

Totoboisjoli, Freek1951, appolonie, RosaZwaan, lientje1, Plutoup, Andero, Gilialm, Turri-Franz, Mario133502, Pierluigi, Rowi49, Tomstam, Domy_74, Mario133502, Andrea, Anonym, Anonym

Why does it happen on other models as well...? See here the dismount of a HX50V model : the same type of component is used there... - 06:19

Read also here the message from Dalang1 : same problem of flex connector on a RX100.

Read also here the message from fichatel : same problem of flex connector on a DSC F828.

Will this problem be corrected in a future model ? SONY once announced the new model HX500 in 2016...but it was then confirmed that this model will not come out.

Read also here the message from videocamer2 : same problem of flex connector seems to cause the recurring problem with the flash of a HX60. - 09:41

Speaking of planned obsolescence ? The question was raised to the SONY support services by amangen, and they could not explain the behaviour of the camera by another reason than programmed obsolescence.

Use of the technical support of SONY

When the problem is reported on one of the SONY communities (see list above), the advice provided is always to contact the technical support (here for USA, here for Canada, here for France, here for Belgium, here for Netherlands).

Unfortunately we note that the use of technical support results in all cases listed identically:

1. A first email returned by the technical support requests to provide the copy of the invoice.
Even if you mention in your original email that the guarantee has actually expired for a few weeks, they will ask for a copy.

If you no longer have this document, they will send you directly to a list of repair companies external to SONY, likely to support a quote and / or repair, naturally paid, and not supported or supported by the manufacturer .

2. A second mail then comes with the following text:

After your e-mail, we are sorry to hear that you have had any inconvenience with your camera and we apologize for the feeling that this situation causes for you.
We take complaints about our products or the quality of our customer service very seriously.
Be assured that your file has been studied with the greatest attention.
After studying this one, I regret to inform you that we are not able to respond favorably to your request.
I inform you that this type of malfunction can occur during the life of the product and despite the very rigorous controls that are conducted in our factories on parts and appliances before their marketing, a breakdown does not question the reliability of the product.
Please accept, the expression of our distinguished feelings.

And you are then also referred to a list of repair companies external to SONY, likely to support a quote and / or repair, naturally paid, and not supported or supported by the manufacturer.

Perhaps you will think that your application has been studied before being rejected.
However, by continuing to read the forums, you will find that the email you received is identical to the word received by most users who have followed the same path as you.

Here is a table with some examples:

Forum Model Extract
Communauté SONYDSC-HX20V[DSC-HX20V] bruit de moteur à mise sous tension
Communauté SONYDSC-HX20V[DSC-HX20V] bruit de moteur à mise sous tension
Communauté SONYDSC-HX20V[DSC-HX20V] bruit de moteur à mise sous tension
Communauté SONYDSC-HX20V[DSC-HX20V] bruit de moteur à mise sous tension
Communauté SONYDSC-HX400VHX400V un de plus avec l'erreur E62:10
Communauté SONYDSC-HX400VErreur E 62 10, défaillance du stabilisateur sur appareil photo dsc hx 300
Communauté SONYKDL-43W808CKDL-43W808C téléviseur défaillant
Communauté SONYKD-49X8309CKD-49X8309C carte mère HS
Communauté SONYKD-49X8005CTv sony bravia KD-49X8005C carte mère
Communauté SONYKD43X 8609CQualité Sony
Communauté SONYKDL-40EX720SONY BRAVIA en panne 28 mois!!!!!
Communauté SONYKDL-46EX721KDL-46ex721,...729
Communauté SONYKDL-46W4710Lignes brillantes sur un téléviseur BRAVIA KDL-46W4710 : durée de vie normale env. 2,5 ans !
Communauté SONYKDL 46w5500Télévision jetable KDL 46w5500
Communauté SONYRDR-HXD870je vis l'enfer avec mon enregistreur dvd de salon = 2 appareils foutus !!
Home Cinema frKDL 40W4500Problème dalle sony 40w4500
Home Cinema frKDL 46W5500Télévision jetable SONY

3. After much insistence on knowing the content of the study carried out in case of use of the technical support, here are the answers that come back to several users :

I am responding to your inquiry regarding the malfunction of your camera.
You wish to know the warranty conditions applied by Sony.
In order to know these conditions, I invite you to consult the website, at the following address:
Please accept, the expression of our distinguished feelings.

I am following up on your request regarding the repair of your camera.
I thank you for noting that the studies done by Sony are based on the date of purchase of your product, the Sony manufacturer's warranty and the availability of spare parts.
Please accept, the expression of our distinguished feelings.

It emerges from this exchange that the "study" performed by the technical support is limited to controlling the expiration of the warranty period ...!
A simple control that you can perform yourself, probably already indicated in your initial email, and for which you can simply address the seller and not the manufacturer ...
However, it is essential to follow this procedure, because the manufacturer can not ignore the existence of a hidden defect when it is reported to him repeatedly by a large number of consumers, as indicated in the table reproduced above.
Note that jelegua indicates here that " Support must answer every one of our messages and even when they say that" After studying the file, I regret to inform you that we are not able to respond favorably to your request ", we must put a additional layer and repeat the request."

4. According to the mail exchanges made between some disgruntled users and the SONY helpdesk, it seems that the SONY assistance service does not even contact the engineers responsible for carrying out the requested studies. See here the exchanges made by amangen and here the answer which indicates the tacit agreement of SONY on
- the fact that the assistance services do not have any contact with the technicians assigned to the support of the model DSC-HX400V
- the fact that these people do not have an Internet connection allowing them to carry out this type of study
- that, consequently, no real study has actually been carried out by the SONY services.

5. The repair costs mentioned in most forums vary between 300 € and 400 €, in most cases a cost roughly equivalent to the initial purchase cost of the device ...

Another typical email received from the SONY technical support by several users, however, leaves little hope at this level:

I am following up on your request regarding the repair of your camera.
Thank you for noting that we are a remote technical support.
The only solution is to contact the repair center to repair your product.
According to the terms and conditions, Sony can not guarantee the availability of spare parts for an out-of-warranty product.
Please accept, the expression of our distinguished feelings.

See also the same answer received by Controni, amangen, Etoupefour14, ...

If you decide to buy this type of device, then take into account the fact that you will have to depreciate the totality of its cost of purchase over the 2 years of legal warranty ... !!

Selling agreement and Legal references

1) The sales contract between the parties can be found on SONY's website depending on the country :


The sales contract is very clear :

Your legal rights reserved. Consumers have legal (statutory) rights under applicable national laws relating to the sale of consumer products. This guarantee does not affect statutory rights you may have nor those rights that cannot be excluded or limited; nor rights against the person from whom you purchased the product. You may assert any rights you have at your sole discretion.

2) The warranty against hidden defects is included in the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) is an international treaty proposing international sales contract law, which has been ratified by 89 countries, accounting for more than three-quarters of international trade. The Convention was signed in Vienna on April 11, 1980, and is sometimes called the Vienna Convention.

The seller must guarantee the type, quantity, packaging and other elements stipulated in the contract (when this is not provided for in the contract, this must be in accordance with the usual practice); the thing must be free from any right of which the buyer would not be aware.

Consult here the list of countries that have ratified the Vienna Convention.

3) When the SONY Support Services are asked if they have arguments to oppose against the application of the sales contract including the warranty against hidden defects under the frame of the statutory rights of the consumer, the answer is that they are not able to answer: the message posted here by amangen thus confirms the applicability of the guarantee against hidden defects.

Legal references (France)

In France (thanks to Chouetalors for the text and for the references), " the DGCCRF (Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control) recommends to play, in the first place, the commercial guarantee that results from the contract with the seller or the manufacturer.
If it does not apply, it is the legal guarantee of conformity or the guarantee against hidden defects that must be implemented."

Legal references :
- Consumer Code, art. L. 217-4 à L. 2017-14 (on the legal guarantee of conformity)
- Consumer Code, art. L. 217-15 et L. 2017-16 (on the commercial guarantee)
- Civil code art. 1641 à 1649 (on the guarantee against hidden defects)

Public services : guarantee against hidden defects

Legal references (Belgium)

1) In Belgium, articles 1625 to 1707 of the civil code describe the terms of the warranty applicable to any sale.

Article1649 quater protects the consumer against "any lack of conformity which exists at the time of the delivery of the good and which appears within a period of two years from this one". At the end of this period, the seller is therefore not actually required to provide any support on the basis of Article 1649 quater.

2) On the other hand, articles 1641 to 1646 protect the consumer well against any hidden defect:

Art. 1641. The seller is bound by the guarantee by reason of the hidden defects of the thing sold which renders it unsuitable for the use for which it is intended, or which diminish the use so much, that the buyer would not have acquired it, or would have given a lower price if he had known them.

Art. 1642. The seller is not held of the visible defects and for which the buyer was able to convince himself.

Art. 1643. He is liable for hidden defects, even though he would not have known them, unless, in this case, he has stipulated that he will not be obliged to any guarantee.

Art. 1644. In the case of articles 1641 and 1643, the buyer has the choice to return the thing and to be returned the price, or to keep the thing and to be returned part of the price, as it will be arbitrated by experts.

Art. 1645. If the seller knew the defects of the thing, he is held, in addition to the return of the price he has received, all damages and interest to the buyer.

Art. 1646. If the seller was ignorant of the defects of the thing, he will be held only to the restitution of the price, and to refund to the purchaser the expenses occasioned by the sale.

In this case, the recurring breakdown that occurs after the expiration of the warranty is not detectable by the buyer at the time of purchase.
The consequence on the photos taken, namely a general blur of all the shots, effectively renders the camera unsuitable for the intended use, so that a buyer would not have acquired it if he had known.
The article 1649quater states

Art. 1649 § 5. The provisions in this chapter with regard to safeguarding against the hidden defects of the item sold apply after the two-year period referred to in § 1 has expired.

Article 1644 is therefore applicable, without limitation of time, and authorizes the buyer to be reimbursed the purchase price.
The many articles listed on the Internet above prove that in this case the manufacturer perfectly knows the existence of this recurring phenomenon. Article 1645 therefore also covers in this case the damages and interest to the buyer - for example during an expensive trip whose photos were ruined by this phenomenon.

Legal references (Canada)

In Quebec, the quality guarantee is provided for in sections 1726 to 1731 of the Civil Code of Québec.

1726. The seller is bound to guarantee to the buyer that the good and its accessories are, at the time of the sale, free from latent defects which render it unfit for the use for which it is intended or which so diminish its utility that the buyer would not have bought it, or would not have given so high a price, had he known it. He is, however, not obliged to guarantee the latent defect known to the buyer or the apparent defect; is apparent the vice that can be ascertained by a prudent and diligent buyer without the need to resort to an expert.

1727. When the good perishes by reason of a hidden defect which existed at the time of the sale, the loss falls to the seller, who is bound to the restitution of the price; if the loss results from a force majeure or is due to the fault of the buyer, the buyer must deduct, from the amount of his claim, the value of the property, in the state where it was at the time of the loss.

1728. If the seller knew the hidden defect or could not ignore it, he is obliged, in addition to the restitution of the price, to repair the damage suffered by the buyer.

1729. In the case of sale by a professional seller, the existence of a defect at the time of the sale is presumed, when the malfunction of the good or its deterioration occurs prematurely in relation to identical goods or of the same kind; this presumption is rejected if the defect is due to the improper use of the goods by the buyer.

1730. The seller is also responsible for the manufacturer, any person who distributes the goods under his name or as his property and any supplier of the goods, in particular the wholesaler and the importer.

1731. A sale made under judicial control does not give rise to any obligation of guarantee of quality of the property sold.

Legal references (Netherlands)

ConsuWijzer.NL - Praktisch advies van de overheid over uw rechten als consument

Legal references (Spain)

Obligaciones del vendedor: saneamiento por vicios ocultos
Saneamiento por vicios ocultos
La reclamación por vicios ocultos en una compraventa
Saneamiento por vicios ocultos en el Código Civil

What to do ?

If your camera is (luckily) still covered by the period of legal warranty, ask immediately a repair or a replacement to your reseller. See the contact list of most known resellers below.

If, like most of the users, the period of legal warranty (just) expired :

1) Although it may seem useless, it is important to make an official statement to the manufacturer SONY.
An isolated consumer will be answered through a warranty period expiration whilst a multiplicity of identified cases clearly shows the existence of a hidden defect.
Contact the SONY technical support for your country :


2) Contact me if you want me to add a reference on this site and/or you receive any answer to the above question.

3) Although it may seem useless, it is important to notify your reseller as well.
Resellers buy those devices to the manufacturer SONY, they need to support the legal warranty period, and they can put pressure on the manufacturer as well.

4) Get in touch with consumer associations, file a complaint and/or leave a message on the websites listed below.

5) Get in touch with Trade Authorities, file a complaint to the coordinates listed below.

Consumer associations

Site Address
Sustainable products
HOP Association
Stop Planned Obsolescence
Consumer Association Test Achats
Rue de Hollande 13,
1060 Bruxelles
Tel +32 (0)2 542 35 55
Consumer Affairs
Consumer's Federal Union QueChoisir

Klacht NL
BesteProduct NL
60 millions of consumers

Planned Obsolescence

Site Address
Stop Planned Obsolescence
Sustainability for all
Planned Obsolescence - Should Be an Offense
Europe’s bold plan to kill planned obsolescence
EU resolution aims to limit planned obsolescence
Planned Obsolescence and Consumers' Rights

Trade authorities

Organisation URL
DGCCRF - Direction générale de la concurrence, de la consommation et de la répression des fraudes
Ministère de l'Économie, des Finances et de la Relance
Télédoc 151
139, rue de Bercy
75572 Paris Cedex 12

Tel : +33 (0) 1 40 04 04 04
Signal Conso

Service public fédéral Economie,
P.M.E., Classes moyennes et Energie
City Atrium C
Rue du Progrès, 50
1210 Bruxelles

Tel : + 32 (0)800 120 33
Fax : +32 (0)800 120 57

Service public fédéral Economie,
P.M.E., Classes moyennes et Energie
Direction générale de l’Inspection Économique
NGIII, Boulevard Albert II, 16, 3ème étage
1000 Bruxelles
Point de contact du SPF Economie

Ombudsman for Retail
Avenue Edmond Van Nieuwenhuyse 8
1160 Bruxelles

European Commission

Contact points of resellers

Resellers URL
200 rue de la Recherche
59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq (France)

Tel : +33 (0)3 28 37 67 00

Boulanger SA – CIL
Avenue de la Motte
59810 Lesquin (France)
FNAC/Darty France
9, rue des Bateaux-Lavoirs
94768, Ivry-sur-Seine Cedex (France)

Tel : +33 (0)8 92 01 10 10

FNAC Belgium SA
Rue neuve 123 boîte 401
1000 Bruxelles (Belgium)

Tel : +32 (0)2 706 06 06
callcenter@be.fnac .com

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Other known recurring problems with SONY devices

Type Model Problem References


E:91:01, Flash
Camera DSC-RX10 Freeze
Camera DSC-HX20 Motor
Camera A6000 Freeze after update
Camera A6000 Freeze
Television KD Motherboard
Television KD Green zone
Television KD Display
Television KD RED LED
Television KD Freeze after update
Television KD Bugs